HAPPILY EVER AFTER is the ending to the fairy tale love stories we hear as children, but in the real world this fairy tale ending can be tough to find. In The Science of Happily Ever After, relationship expert Ty Tashiro explains why modern relationships can be so frustrating and how emerging psychological findings can help people make more intelligent and informed decisions about how to find a great partner.

WHAT IF YOU HAD THREE WISHES for your ideal partner? What kinds of traits would you wish for? In real life, we wish for dozens of characteristics such as intelligence, confidence, and attractiveness. Yet with so many possibilities, it becomes easy to squander our wishes on the wrong things. So if you wanted to wish wisely, what would be the best traits to wish for?

WHAT REALLY MATTERS in the quest for enduring love can be illuminated by hundreds of social science studies about which types of partners are most likely to provide happy and lasting relationships. Whether you are single or someone who is simply curious about the science of romantic relationships, The Science of Happily Ever After provides an entertaining exploration of what really matters in our quest for enduring love.

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