Becoming A Relationship Writer

Last Monday, I was feeling beat down after a day spent wrestling with dozens of tedious work details. Then, I opened an email from Charlotte Seager at The Guardian and my perspective changed. She wanted to know if I would speak to her about a series The Guardian runs about “dream careers.” It took me a second to process that she was referring to my career, the same career I felt so grumpy about at the moment. The article at The Guardian can be found here: My Career Discovering the Secret to Everlasting Love: I Just Fell Into It.

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember seeing the last show Johnny Carson did for The Tonight Show on NBC. As he signed off after 20 years of hosting the show, I was struck by his sincere appreciation for being able to find a career that he loved. My parents both enjoyed their careers, so I always took it for granted that adults had jobs that gave them a sense of passion and meaning, but obviously this is not always true and if you happen to find what you love, it’s something to appreciate.

Becoming a relationship writer has taken a lot of hard work, an army of supportive people, and more than a little bit of luck. As I spoke with Charlotte about my career path, I realized just how fortunate I am to be able sit down every morning and do the work I love. I find it so interesting and challenging to tackle questions about love found, love lost, loneliness, belonging and ultimately trying to bottle up a bit of the magic that explains the wonders of human connection.

Go to minute 43:00 for Carson’s closing comments.