Personal Growth Following Breakups

Breakups are tough times. They can make us feel depressed, anxious, or sometimes angry. But maybe there’s a silver lining. This article at Elite Daily is about a study of breakups and personal growth that Patricia Frazier and I conducted while I was a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. We were interested in whether people would experience personal growth following the breakup of a romantic relationship.

Professor Frazier was conducting some interesting research on stress-related growth and she was very supportive about helping me craft this study of stress-related growth that was eventually published under the title: I’ll Never Be in a Relationship Like That Again: Personal Growth Following Romantic Relationship Breakups (here’s the abstract).

Romantic relationships are unique relationships because few people will know us with as much intimacy as our romantic partners, whether that’s emotionally, physically, or intellectually. So when we lose a romantic relationship, it can send even the best of us into an emotional tailspin. But with a bit of insight and a lot of persistence, a breakup can help us let go of of a past that would have never given us what we really needed, and the break might help us see a future that promises so much more.