Organize Your Approach to Dating

My friends who subscribe to Real Simple magazine always seem so on top of their lives. They have things like entryway organizers, color coded recipe books, and generally just seem more prepared to handle life. When I had a chance to be a guest on a podcast, I was unsure at first why they would want to speak with someone whose strength does not lie in his day-to-day conscientiousness.

It turns out they have a podcast called The Labor of Love. During our conversation I realized that getting one’s act together before diving into the dating scene is something that everyone should do, but that few take the time to consider. Organizing the traits you want to find in a potential partner is one of the best things you can do to make sure that you end up with someone you really want. Follow the link below to see the article about getting your dating thoughts in order at and you can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.