Speaking at the Conference on World Affairs

If you happen to be in Boulder, CO this week, I’ll be participating in the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado. It’s my alma matter from my undergraduate years and I’m delighted to be back for the week. The schedule for the panels I’ll be on are listed below…

Tue 8:00 Alumni Association AddressKoenig Alumni Center
Tue 2:00Intelligent Dating & MatingUMC 235
Tue 3:30Can Books Still Change the World?ATLAS Black Box
Wed 1:00HappinessMuenzinger E0046
Wed 6:00Technology and Singularity: When the Machines Take OverUMC 235
Thur 9:30I’m Uber-Whelmed by the Gig EconomyUMC East Ballroom
Thur 3:30Millennial Culture Is An OxymoronOld Main Chapel
Thur 1:05 Can We Talk? The Power of CommunicationBoulder High School
Fri 3:00Open Mouth, Remove Foot: Social Awkwardness and EQEaton Humanities 150

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