Three Views of Marriage by David Brooks

David Brooks provides a smart perspective on modern marriage in this New York Times article about three views of marriage, including the personality perspective from The Science of Happily Ever After. The different perspectives Brook reviews are a good reminder that people approach the complexities of love in many different ways. It’s our diversity of strong opinions about love that make discussions about romantic relationships so fascinating to us.

Brooks examines a romantic view of marriage, a moral view of marriage, and a psychological science view of marriage and he suggests that each has value for people trying to piece together a solution about how to find their version of a love story that ends happily ever after.

I could not agree more. Enduring love is never easy and it cannot be found in one simple truth or five easy self-help steps. For meaningful relationships to endure the test of time, they require the best we have to offer; our clearest thoughts, most heartfelt emotions, and strongest moral sensibilities.

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